GTA Underground 2

Ini dia gan, game yang sebenernya saya suka banget ma neh game, karena mengusung banyak tema, Grand Theft Auto yang juga bisa action, FPS, dan sekarang ini, bertambah lagi menjadi Racing, dicoba deh gan, meski agak susah neh, soalnya katanya bahasa rusia, ane blom nyobain, kita coba sama-sama dah... hehehe.

GTA Underground 2 | English | Genre: Racing

GTA VC Underground; A standalone mod for GTA VC (Vice City isnt required – its a game itself)
What is GTA VC Underground? It’s a russian mod which changes GTAVC into the “NFS:Underground and The Fast and the Furious styled game”
the menu can be navigated in other languages.

Mod changes:
-Cars converted from NFS: Underground, Underground 2, Hot Pursuit and other gamez
-New missions designed to fit the content – racing for money
-New menu&loadscreens
-Misc hud changes (added speedometer, also shows the gear and engine rpm,fuel,…)
-You must refuel the car or you run out of gas
-New radio stations (soundtracks from NFSU&U2+TheFast&Furious)
-New graphic effects
-Changed game system
-Misc other changes

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
800 MHz Intel Pentium III or 800 MHz AMD Athlon
or 1.2GHz Intel Celeron or 1.2 GHz AMD Duron processor
128 MB of RAM
8 speed CD / DVD drive
915 MB of free hard disk space
(+ 635 MB if video card does NOT support DirectX Texture
32 MB video card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers
("GeForce" or better)
Sound Card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers

Recommended Hardware Requirements:
Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP processor
256(+) MB of RAM
16 speed CD / DVD drive
1.55 GB of free hard disk space
(+ 635 MB if video card does NOT support DirectX Texture
64(+) MB video card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers
("GeForce 3" / "Radeon 8500" or better with
DirectX Texture Compression support)


Via: JumboFiles

Size: 690 Mb (4 Part)

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